Artistic Collaborations and Performance Activities


“An Moladh/The Proposal” A poetic movement piece created with 10 courageous West Kerry souls. Performed in An Lab as part of Féile na Bealtaine & Culture Night (IE).

“The Cove” Choreography: Steve Batts and Echo Echo ensemble, director: Steve Batts. Set design/creation/installation: Dan Shipsides, original score: Christopher Norby, costume: Helen Quigley, performance: Esther Alleyne, Ayesha Mailey, Kelly Quigley, Zoe Ramsey, Antonina Sheina and Maria Svensson. Echo Echo Studios, Derry (UK), The Black Box, Galway (IE), Lyric Theatre, Belfast (UK).

“The Importance of Shepherds” Choreography and performance: Maria Svensson, assistant director: Antonina Sheina. Performed as part of Triptych (triple bill including Laura Murphy and Cathy Walsh) Quarter Block Party, Firkin Crane (Cork, IE).


“The Importance of Shepherds” Performed as part of Movement of Three / Gluaiseacht Triúir Kerry Tour.  St John’s Theatre & Arts Centre (Listowel, IE) & Tech Amergin (Waterville, IE)

“Dynamic” Part of The Solo Performance Commissioning Project (SPCP). Choreography: Deborah Hay, adaptation and performance: Maria Svensson, performed February in An Lab and in May as part of Feile Na Bealtaine 2016 (Dingle, IE)


“The Importance of Shepherds” Performed as part of Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2015 (Derry, UK)


“Dynamic” Performed as part of the festival NEST (Kilkenny, IE) and “Going Solo Together” Nya Teatern (Örebro, SE)

“The Belonging Score” Choreography: Maria Svensson, adaptation and performance: Malin Blomqvist, Maria Ahlgren and Mattias Gustavsson. As part of the solo dance festival “Going Solo Together”, produced and organised by Maria Svensson, Nya Teatern (Örebro, SE)

“Belonging” Poem: Jeffrey Gormly, reading: Susie Lamb and Geraldine Plunkett, dance and concept: Maria Svensson, Castalia Hall (Co Kilkenny, IE)


“Dynamic” World premiere Nya Teatern (Örebro, SE)

“A Moment by the Castle” Choreography: Maria Svensson, performed by: Toby Gunn, Frida Mehlin and Maria Svensson (Örebro, SE)


“21st of December 2012” Choreography: Maria Svensson, performed by: Toby Gunn and Maria Svensson (Arboga, SE)

“Meet Joan Dark” Choreographed and performed by: Maria Svensson, The National University of Ireland (Galway, IE)


 “At Home” Director and set design: Åsa Norling, music: Lina Laping, choreography: Maria Svensson. Performed at STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival (SE)

“Nordic Darkness” (Installation piece) Choreography and performance: Maria Svensson and Jenny Davidsson, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum (SE)

“Äldreprojekt” Choreography and performance: Maria Svensson and Jenny Davidsson (SE)


“Meet Joan Dark” Choreographed and performed by: Maria Svensson, Ängsbacka’s New Year Festival (SE) and at Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“Dance Oases” Dance and concept: Maria Svensson, music: Anna Ryan, photographer: William Desheulles, sound artist: Dr John Greenwood, Daghdha Church, John’s Square, Catherine St, The Rowing Club, Limerick Social Welfare Office, The Shannon Slipway. Photos and recordings exhibited in Occupy Space gallery (Limerick, IE)

“God’s Dance Hall” Choreography: Steve Valk and Daghdha Artists in Residence, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“Stroking the Unknown Dog (On the Waves of Growing Small in the Boat of Boneless Ribs)” Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“Swan River” Choreography: Jessica Kelly, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“All Structures are Unstable” (Video) Choreography: Maria Svensson, video design: Jessica Kelly, screened at Daghdha (Limerick), I.F. O.N.L.Y. Festival (Birr) and Film i Värmland (Arvika, SE)

“Song to myself “ (Video) Concept: Daithí Ó’hÉignigh and Maria Svensson, dance: Maria Svensson (IE)

“International Dance Day” Concept and idea: Maria Svensson, produced by: Maria Svensson, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)


“Open Niche” Choreography: Fearghus Ó Conchúir, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“Score” Choreography: Chase Granoff, Daghdha, Limerick (IE)

“Rooted in Being” Choreography and performance: Maria Svensson, Daghdha (Limerick), ABUNdance Festival (Karlstad), Naken Festival (Stockholm)

“Zen to the bones” Choreography by Frej Tiljander, dance and performance Maria Svensson, Johanna Norelius and Frej Tiljander, Karlstad’s University (SE)

“Dreamer oh, dreamer yes” Choreography: Cecilia Savander Rydin, dance: Maria Svensson Nya Teatern Örebro, Ateljé Verkstan Karlstad, the Contemporary Dance Festival Naken Stockholm, No Mind Festival Ängsbacka (SE)


“Photographs of a Performance” Choreography: Augusto Corrieri, Camden Arts Centre, London (UK)

“London Design Festival” Choreography: Henrietta Hale, Shoreditch, London (UK)

“Twelve Seconds” Collaboration with Composer Tim Richard performed in The Studio Theatre, Laban London (UK)


“Did you ever want to be someone else” Choreographers: Mathieu Briand and Prue Lang, Tate Modern, London (UK)

“Simple Beginnings” Choreographers: Kirstie Simson and Christian Burns, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London (UK)

“Bazarre” Choreography and dance: Lizzie Sells and Maria Svensson, Video/Projection: Bruno Mathez. ABUNdance Festival (SE), Blue Elephant Theatre, London (UK)

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